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FASTWAY Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All definition/interpretation are to be construed and understood as per the provisions of Cable Television Network (Regulations) Act, 1995 & Rules 1994, Amended Act, 2012 and amendment made from time to time set out herein:

  • The Applicant shall make the as per the scheme of prepaid or post paid selected by him and in case of new subscriber it should be accompanied by duly completed and signed application form.

  • The STB and the accessories shall be solely used for availing services provided by Fastway Transmissions Private Limited “FTPL” and shall not be used for availing services of any other Cable Network.

  • The Channel/package fees as prescribed from time to time, for each channel/packages selected by the subscriber, shall be paid in advance.

  • The channel/package rates may change according to the applicable rules and regulations.

  • Any channel/package will have to be subscribed for a minimum period of 6 months as per TRAI guidelines.

  • The subscriber shall take adequate care of the STB while availing the services of cable/ broadband.Any willful default or damage to STB will be billed to the account of the subscriber.

  • The subscriber shall not, without the prior authorization of FTPL remove, transfer or otherwise relocate the STB from the original place of installation.

  • In case STB is lost or damaged on account of theft, burglary or by any other accident, the subscriber will file a police complaint forthwith and notify FTPL of such loss immediately, with copy of complaint.

  • In case of nonpayment/delay in payment, FTPL reserves the right to cancel the subscription and to discontinue the services. In such cases, the subscriber will return the STB without any objection and in good working condition. FTPL shall have the right to recover the balance dues and price of STB in case it is not returned or is damaged or not working properly.

  • The channel/packages fees, as prescribed from time to time for each channel/packages selected shall be paid in advance, either to FTPL or to the authorized franchisee as the case may be.

  • The subscriber shall, in advance, notify change of address/contact number to FTPL or its authorized representative.

  • For reconnection/activation of the service earlier disconnected for any reason, the subscriber shall be liable to pay reconnection charges as prescribed from time to time as per regulations.

  • Cable services in respect of channels/packages shall be available to the subscriber, subject to Force Majeure conditions including but not limited to act of God, fires, strikes, embargoes, war insurrection, riots and other causes beyond the reasonable control FTPL including atmospheric/topographical hindrances.

  • The smart card and STB shall always remain property of FTPL. The warranty of one year will cover the smart card, STB components, adaptor and remote control device, unless physical or willful damage has been caused to it. In case of physical or willful damage warranty will not be provided.

  • Subscribers are not authorized to install any Gadgets on STB without FTPL’s prior written permission.

  • Subscriber data can be used for marketing/promotional purposes by FTPL or its associates.

  • All prices are exclusive of taxes.

  • For more than 3 television please use a different Package Application Form. For every STB separate application form shall be used.

  • Packages are applicable from 1st April 2013.

  • Free Add-Ons of the season are available only for pay packages and are subject to revision as per company policy. The same can be reviewed from time to time on www.fastway.in

  • For choosing available packages logon to company’s website. Different packages can be selected for different T.V. sets and a separate Package Application Form shall be filled for each T.V.

  • These packages are only for FTPL Customers.